Leigh Anne Florence brings Woody to the Nelson County Public Library to promote NIE and new chapter series

Kendra Hite, teacher at St. Catherine of Alexandria Academy, welcomes Woody back to Nelson County with a big smile and hug while attending the NIE training session at the Nelson County Public Library.

The News Enterprise
August 7, 2010

CSI: Canine Secret Investigator by Kentucky author Leigh Anne Florence, comes to life this fall with Kentucky illustrator Paul Brett Johnson's colorful artwork, with a 10-week serial story starting in September in The Kentucky Standard as part of the NIE (Newspapers in Education) program.

Leigh Anne Florence, author of the popular "Woody Book" series and best known as Woody and Chloe's mommy, is a native of Murray. Along with Woody and Chloe, she and her husband have two wiener dogs, two labs, a beagle, and two cats. After seven years of public school teaching, Florence now devotes all of her time to the Woody series.

Leigh Anne along with Ron, Chloe, and Woody travel to schools, churches, camps and civic groups throughout Kentucky and some in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois speaking on Woody's Five Ways to Be Successful and Woody's Five Ways to Improve Writing.

Woody brought along members of his family to the Nelson County Public Library recently for an NIE training program. All dachshunds or mix thereof, were Frannie, aka Woody's bodyguard, Walter aka "Wally," the puppy, and Chloe, Woody's partner in crime in most of the chapter series.

"They all have such different personalities just like me and my husband," Florence said. "Woody is my alter ego. He is adventurous, curious and gets into everything and Chloe is more in the background not wanting to be in the center of attention," she said.

Teachers who want to be involved in the NIE program can visit and meet with Florence and Woody and learn how to apply the series in their curriculum.

"I feel the Woody series is good and engaging for kids. They are entertained by the stories and adventures of Woody and Chloe," Sarah Ballard, teacher at Boston School, said.

Kara Lewis, teacher at St. Joseph school said Woody is the one who inspired her family to get a dog. Her son was introduced to the Woody series and he loves the books, she said. "I taught the series before and the kids love it and they can't wait to read the next chapter and see what happens," Lewis said.

This story, written by Carrie A. Pride, was provided to One Knox courtesy of The Kentucky Standard. Read more stories from The Kentucky Standard at www.kystandard.com.