Businesses let soldiers know they care, too

Monday, September 3, 2007 10:48 PM CDT

HARDIN COUNTY - More businesses in the area are letting deployed soldiers know they care, too.

The I Care Too! initiative, part of USA Cares, is spreading to other businesses in the Elizabethtown and Radcliff communities, a few months after Huddle House employees began wearing and selling the I Care Too! shirts.

USA Cares is a four-year-old program out of Radcliff that helps military families with paying their bills and other expenses. I Care Too! shirts were developed about four years ago, said Kim Moorman, the director of business development at USA Cares. A red version of the shirt more recently was introduced to be worn on Fridays, as wearing red on Friday is something some groups on a national and international scale are doing to show support.

Ike Boutwell, the owner of the Movie Palace in Elizabethtown and Showtime Cinemas in Radcliff, and Angie Helm, manager of the theaters, bought shirts for their employees to wear a couple months ago, Moorman said.

Helm said theater employees wear the shirts every day. "The owner is a very patriotic guy," she said. Boutwell is retired military.

Helm said the response from customers has been positive.

Kentucky Neighborhood Bank also is working with USA Cares to get the shirts.

Ronnie Pence, president and CEO of the bank, said he likes the mission of USA Cares. "It's a small part of something we can do," he said.

The bank plans to sell the shirts and donate profits back to the organization. Employess also plan to wear red on Fridays.

USA Cares also has sold shirts to U.S. Rep. Ron Lewis' office.

Moorman said it's great the businesses want to become involved.

"It's like making a statement without really saying anything," she said of the shirts.

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